Bài dự thi hùng biện tiếng anh chủ đề trò chơi và ảnh hưởng của nó

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Bài tham khảo cuộc thi hùng biện tiếng anh, chủ đề: Trò chơi và ảnh hưởng của nó (English speaking contest: Video games and effect)

Bài dự thi hùng biện tiếng anh chủ đề trò chơi và ảnh hưởng của nó

Video games and effect

When we look at these pictures, I’m sure we know that they are playing games.

If my friend asks: “ Do you play like playing games?”, I will answer: “ Yes” because they are very funny and interesting. They help us relax after classes and improve our mind. We can use the computer skillfully when clicking the mouse, using the keyboard or the game joysticks.We can also react faster when some actions are happening in front of us.

However, videogames make us lose of time and money. We spend less time for class and homework, so we will learn worse than our friends. One hour playing games spend about 4.000 dong, it isn’t cheap.

Beside that, they affect our health especially for eyes and some people may be ill because they forget eating and drinking.

Some people can be addictive and then they can become robbers if they don’t have money to spend. A few games are too violent and they make our characters badly.

For example, this person killed his relative- his grandfather- to get money to play games.

From these effects, for me I just spend about 30 minutes a week to play video games and I think I only play them to relax.

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