Bài mẫu dự thi hùng biện tiếng anh chủ đề tình bạn

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Bài mẫu cuộc thi hùng biện tiếng anh, chủ đề: Tình bạn (English speaking contest: friendship)

Bài mẫu dự thi hùng biện tiếng anh chủ đề tình bạn

Friends maintain immense abandon of sources to develop a good relationship between two people. As we general say friends’ interpretations must be honesty, straightforward to each other. They ought to agree each other’s opinions. They support self-awareness to each other. They don’t walk away when troubles come to them but to give them hands. Such civilization of friend identities put my self into a den deeper and deeper. The more I experience the more I recess friends are definitely brutal, deceived and distrustful.

According to my empirical of self-esteem in friendship that I have realized friends who take an advantages form each other. They are relentlessly impact their sentiments. They approach you when they need you, but they never regard you when you need them. There are too many evidences that show how and why my friends betrayed me all the time. The next paragraphs will talk about one of my friends. Through out the incidence has occurred me that I am thoroughly assured friends are selfish, distrustful, foolish, and sorrowful. My past memory has frequency consecutively emerged in my brain that my best friend has betrayed me again and again.

Since I was in high school that I have met several best friends, one of them are the special one. We went out together, drunk together. Even we shared the money we had. Such of happiness made us even closely like blood brother. We were all well known to each of our parents, because we were intimacy doing things together. Not only this but we also helped each other when there fights beside us.

On the year of my age18, when was my last year to graduate from high school. At the same time there also was the high provoking promotion reflected every one to get an opposite partners which we call boyfriends or girlfriends. So I carried this thought to look for one who I got was I like the most, she has a lot of things some other girls don’t have. I had been together nearly a year. During that year my best friend was also well known about her who we went out together and played together. He regarded us all the time, what she was good at or the things we did together. One day I stumbled on they were together one night. We gradually broke up….

Furthermore, not only this but also he cheated on me when I immigrated to the Unite States. He cheated on me of he was going to buy a house for his mother who was old and sick. Such faith of parents influenced me to lend amount of money to him. However, later I found out he got the money to gamble and loosed it. From that time on he broke his promise to pay me money back and has not even give a call.

Confronting frustrations that I recessed the reasons why my friends had chosen to cheat on me, because I was too dependable on my friends. I shared my secrets and feeling. I sacrificed most of things which have never thought to achieve them back. Being excessive in believe people who never shared their secrets or thoughts with me. Profoundly we concern if we really find ones who we can trust on. Then we should treasure them but not to destroy them.

Friends are variety groups of people who help each other, comfort to each other, and encourage each other. However, they can destroy our feeling of human dignities. They can grab every thing you have and gone for permanently. Friends could bring happiness or could give hand to you to be succeeded. But at the same time it also can be revise of the opposite sides or make you lost even more than he or she helped you gain. There has such proverb saying “the more love you receive the more pain you pay” it is truer than ever since.

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