Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 5, học kì II, năm 2018

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Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 5, học kì II, năm học 2018, có đáp án.
Listening Reading and writing Speaking Total
Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8       Q.9  
Question 1: Listen and number. ( Nghe và đánh số) (1pt)

Question 2: Listen and tick.( nghe và tick) (0,75pt)
Question 3: Listen and circle a or b.(Nghe và khoanh tròn a hoặc b)(0,75pt)
1. Where’s the cinema?
a. It’s opposite the library.
b. It’s opposite the museum.
2. Where’s the restaurant?
a. It’s next to the stadium
b. It’s next to the supermarket
3. Where’s the park?
a. It’s at the end of the street.
b. It’s on the corner of the street.
Question 4.Select and tick () the letter A,B,C or D.(Chọn và đánh dấu () vào A,B ,C hay D). (1pt)
1. What’s the matter……….. you ?¨
☐A. for                ☐B.with                ☐C.to                 ☐D.on
2. What would you like to drink ?
☐A. fish               ☐B. chicken        ☐C.milk              ☐D. rice
3.  What…. the weather be like tomorrow?.
☐A. would                   ☐B.will               ☐C. is          ☐D.are
4. What do you…. in your free time?
☐A.do                 ☐B.did                ☐C.does             ☐D.don’t
Question 5.Fill in the blanks with the works from the box. (Điền từ thích hợp với những từ cho sẵn). (1pt)
[ should’t / headache / should / see ]
A: What is the matter with you, John?
B: I have a (1) _____________.
A: That’s too bad. Why don’t you (2) ____________ a doctor?
B: Don’t worry. I will be Ok.
A: You (3) ______________ go to school today.
B: All right. I’ll stay at home.
A: And you(4) _____________ take some aspirins.
B: Good  idea. Thank you, Linda.
Question 6. Read the passage and tick () True  or False.(Đọc đoạn văn và đánh dấu () đúng hay sai). (1pt)
Tom lives in London. Last week, he arrived in Vietnam. he visited some old streets in Hanoi. Then, he travelled to Nha Trang. He enjoyed the seafood there. Now he is in Hue. His staying in a Hotel. This Sunday, he is going to see the citadel. Next week, he is going to fly to Ho Chi Minh City. He is going to Dam Sen Park. He is going to buy some souvenirs for his family and friends..
  True False
1. Tom lives in Vietnam.    
2. Last week, he visited some old streets in Hanoi.    
3. He loves the seafood in Nha Trang    
4. He is going to Dam Sen Park in Ha Noi    
Question 7.Reorder the words to make sentences.(sắp xếp những từ sau để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh). (1pt)
1. the / matter/ what / is / you/ with / ?
2.  I / a / headache / have.
3.  will / what / weather / the/ like / be/ tomorrow ?
4. cold / It / will/ be / and / rainy/ in / Ha Noi..

Question 8. Fill in a suitable word in the blank.(Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống) (1 pt)
1.   Nice __________ meet you.
2.   I _______ from Ha Noi. I’m Vietnamese.
3.   Good _________ teacher and see you again.
4.   I often go ___________ school at 7 o’clock.                       
Question 9. (2,5pts)
The examiner says "My name is…It’s nice to talk to you today."
Part 1. Getting to know each other.
          The examiner asks 3 questions below:
1. What’s your full name?.
          3. What date is it today.
          4. What would you like to eat?
Part 2. Talking about a real object in class.
    The test taker shows things in class such as: ruler, shool bag, board… and then asks ps:
  • What it it in my hand?
  • What colour is it?
  • Part 3: Describing the picture.
    The examiner says,”Now you have 30 seconds to look at the this drawing.”
    The  examiner asks 2 questions below:
  • How many people are there in this picture?
  • Are there any animals?
  • - The End -

    Answer keys:   
    Question 1: Listen and number: 1.B   2.D   3.C    4.A
    1. What’s the matter with you?_ I have a toothache. You should go to the doctor and you shouldn’t eat sweets. I know. You right.
    2. What do you often do in your free time?_ I often go skating in the park. Really, yes. Because skating is my favourite sport.
    3. What do you want to do now?_ I want to make a plane? Why?_because I like plane and I like to be a pilot.
    4. Where are you going?_ I’m going to the park. I’m going to ride my bike with my friends there. Don’t ride your bike too fast. It’s dangerous.

    Question 2: Listen and tick (1pt)    1. B    2. C     3. B
    1. What are your favourite zoo animals?_ Tigers, why do you like them?- Because they are beautiful colour.
    2, Did you see kagaroos at the zoo?_ yes, I do. How do they look?_They are very fast with your legs,
    3, Next week is Teacher’s Day, what do you do?_ I have a lot ot colour pictures and writes colour for the schoolplay and meet many teachers there.

    Question 3: Listen and circle: 1.A    2.A    3. B
    1, Where’s the cinema?_ It’s opposite the library.
    2, Where’s the restaurant?_ It’s next to the stadium.
    3, Where’s the park?_ It’s on the corner of the street.

    Question 4: 1, b. with       2, c. rice 3, b. will      4, a. do
    Question 5:1, headache    2, see       3, shouldn’t      4, should
    Question 6:1. False           2. True        3. True              4. False
    Question 7:1. What is the matter with you?
    2, I have a headache.
    3, What will the weather be like tomorrow?
    4, It will be cold and rainy in Ha Noi.
    Question 8: 1, to     2, am    3, bye     4, to
    PART III  SPEAKING  (2,5pts)
     Question 9. 
    1. Listen and repeat
    2. Point, ask and answer
    3. Listen and comment
    4. Interview

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