Đề luyện thi Tiếng Anh 9 nâng cao - Đề số 04

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Đề luyện thi Tiếng Anh nâng cao dành cho học sinh lớp 9, đề số 04: gồm các phần: ngữ âm - ngữ pháp - đọc hiểu - viết. Có đáp án và hướng dẫn giải.

A. Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác so với các từ còn lại.
1. A. difficult           B. commune
    C. running            D. suffer
2. A. realize              B. teacher
    C. reason              D. feature
3.  A. action             B. fourteen
     C. instead            D. active
4.  A. acted               B. jogged
     C. retarded           D. sacred
5. A. minute             B. muddy
    C. funny               D. number

B. Chọn từ đánh dấu trọng âm khác với những từ còn lại.
6. A. sorry                B. happy   
    C. commune         D. subject
7. A. instead             B. welcome
    C. construct          D. arrive
8. A. primary        B. everything
    C. afternoon         D. exciting
9. A. province          B. prepare
    C. finger               D. meeting
10. A. better             B. standing
      C. attend             D. open

A. Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp nhất để điền vào chỗ trống.
11. Boys often enjoy doing things in a …….. way.
A. create
B. creative
C. creativity
D. creatively
12. The problem of ……. among young people is hard to solve.
A employment
B . employees
C. employers
D. unemployment
13. Some people are concerned with physical ……… when choosing a wife or husband.
A. attractive
B. attraction
C. attractiveness
D. attractively
14. He can’t hear because of his ……...
A. deaf
B. deafness
C. deafen
D. deafened
15. These countries are …… in exporting shrimps.
A. prefer
B. preference
C. preferential
D. preferentially
16. The children ……. high grade ill school.
A. achieve
B. achievement
C. achievable
D. achieving
17. His pronunciation causes me a lot of ………
A. difficulties
B. difficult
C. difficulty
D. difficultly
18. She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university ……….
A educated
B. educational
C. educating
D. education
19. Buckingham Palace is a major tourist …….. in London.
A. attract
B. attraction
C. attractive
D. attractiveness
20. Some species of rare animate are in …….. of extinction.
A. danger
B. dangerous
C. dangerously
D. endanger
21. We can’t go to Julia’s party …… we’re going away that weekend.
A. because
B. because of
C. although
D. in spite of
22.  …….. repeated assurances that the product is safe, many people have stopped buying it. 
A. By
B. Despite
C. With
D. For
23. She walked home by herself, ……… she knew that it was dangerous.
A. because
B. although
C. and
D. but
24. ……. his injuries, he bears no animosity towards his attackers.
A. Because of
B. But for
C. In spite of
D. Without
25. I’ll see you after the show and give you £20 for the tickets, or ….. much they cost.
A. whatever
B. nevertheless
C. besides
D. however
26. I had a train to catch, so I was ……. the clock all through the meeting.
A. watch
B. to watch
C. watched
D. watching
27. ……… the newspaper article quickly and make a note of the main points.
A. Scanning
B. Scan
C. Scanned
D. To scan
28. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate ……..
A. asking
B. ask
C. will ask
D. to ask 
29. I wish Dad would stop …… in on my phone conversations.
A. listening
B. listen
C. listened
D. to listen
30. Why not …… (down) your ideas on a piece of paper before you start?
A. writing
B. write
C. writes
D. to write

B. Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.
31. He (be) ……. to theatre three times this month.
32. Bao and I (study) …… at the same chool and we (be) ……. great friends ever since.
33. Don’t wait up for me. I can’t tell when I (be) ……. back.
34. Do you feel like (go) ……. to the theatre or would you rather (watch) ……. TV at home.
35. They (part) ……. four days later at hotel in Colombo where they (meet) ….. each other. 

A. Chọn từ thích hợp để điền vào chỗ trong đoạn văn sau.
Today, computer companies sell many different programs for computers. First, there are programs for (36) ……. math problems. Second, there are programs for (37)  …… studies. Third, some programs are like fancy typewriters. They are often used by (38) …… and business people. Other programs are made for courses in schools and (39) ….. And finally, there are programs for fun. They include word games and puzzles for children and (40) ……….
There are many wonderful new computer programs, but there are other reasons to like (41) ……. . Some people like the way computers hum and sing when they are (42)……. It is a happy sound, like the sounds of toys and childhood. Computers also (43) ……. Lights and pretty pictures. And computers even seem to have personalities. That may (44) …….. strange, but computers seem to have feelings. Sometimes they seem happy, sometimes they seem (45) …… . It is easy to think they are like people.
36. A. doing               B. working
      C. writing             D. making
37. A. normal             B. scientific
      C. lower               D. training
38. A. workers           B. farmers
      C. writers             D. teachers
39. A. houses             B. factories
      C. countries          D. universities
40. A. boys                B. adults
      C. men                 D. women
41. A. computers       B. programs
      C. puzzles            D. games
42. A. watching         B. seeing
      C. working           D. finding
43. A. are                   B. used
      C. draw                D. have      
44. A. sound              B. ask        
      C. tell                   D. make
45. A. clear                B. polluted
      C. amazed            D. angry

B. Đọc đoạn văn và chọn T (true) hoặc F (false).
In humankind’s millions of years on earth, many types of energy resources have been utilized. However, in the last ninety years, petroleum has become by far the most important. Accounting for over 50 percent of all energy consumed, it is so essential that, without petroleum, we could be faced with economic disaster.
Of course, the earth’s supply of petroleum will not last forever, and in fact, it will disappear sooner than most people believe. At the current rate of consumption, the world has proven oil reserves may be exhausted within forty or fifty years. 
46. People have utilized different kinds of energy resources.
47. Petroleum has become the most important because it has millions of years on earth.
48. The earth’s supply of petroleum is limited.
49. Petroleum will not disappear sooner than most people believe.
50. If we continue use so many oil reserves, energy resources will be exhausted within forty or fifty’ years.

C. Đọc đoạn văn và điền từ vào chỗ trống.
Why do people drive on the left in (51) …….. and on the right in other countries?
The reason for this goes back to the days when people travelled by horse. Most people are (52) ………, and thus the left is the natural side to drive on if you are on horseback and need right hand to (53) ……… the sword in case of trouble. So why didn’t the rest of the world (54) …… the same? Because (55) …..... Napoleon Bonaparte. He insisted that his armies travel on the right, and as he (56) …… through Europe, he imposed this rule wherever he went.
The question suggests (57) …….. only die British drive on the left, but (58) …… fact, out of 178 countries in the world, (59) …….. are about 50 that drive on the left, including Japan. (60) ……. , most of them are former British colonies. 

A. Hoàn thành câu bằng dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.
61. You’ll be paid on (complete) ……. of the project.
62. Their attempt to climb the Eiger ended in (fail) ……..
63. I worry about the (destroy) ……. effect that violent films may have on children.
64. Have you filled in the (apply) ….. form for your passport yet?
65. I think you should take it somewhere to have it mended (proper) …….
66. It’s (risk)  …….. to buy a car without some good advice.
67. The (possess) …….. of large amounts of money does not ensure happiness.
68. The agency sent a (replace) …… for the secretary who resigned.
69. I had a headache and I wasn’t feeling very (society) ……….
70. She had five days off work due to (ill) ……...

B. Xác định lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng
71. Unless bothered, the bird may desert the nest, leaving the chicks to depart this life.
72. They can’t get one job unless they’ve got skill.
73. We don’t believe we’ll want some money but we’ll bring some just in case. 
74. I’d love to come and see them on Sunday, provided 1 don’t have to work that day.
75. As long as we have the money in our account, we can take out up to £200 a day.

C. Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi.
76. It started to rain at four o’clock.
It …………………………………….
77.1 haven’t got a washing machine at home.
I wish ……………………………………
78. Their team didn’t play very well.
They wish …………………………
79. “How much do you think it will cost ?” he asked.
He wanted ……………………….
80. The librarian arranges books on the shelf.
The books  ………………………

A. Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác so với các tử còn lại.
1. B; 2. A; 3. A; 4. B; 5. A
B. Chọn từ đánh dấu trọng âm khác với những từ còn lại.
6. C; 7. B; 8. D; 9 . B; 10. C

A. Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp nhất để điền vào chỗ trống.
11. B; 12. D; 13. B; 14. B
15. C; 16. A; 17. C; 18. D
19. B; 20 .A; 21. A; 22 . B
23. B; 24. C; 25 . D; 26. D
27. B; 28. D; 29. A; 30. B

B. Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.
31. has been
32. study - have been
33. will be
34. going - watch
35. parted - had met

A. Chọn từ thích họp để điền vào chỗ trống trong đoạn văn sau.
36. A; 37 . B; 38. C; 39. D
40. B; 41. A; 42. C; 43 . D
44. A; 45 D
B. Đọc đoạn văn và chọn T (true) hoặc F (fal se).
46. T; 47. F; 48. T; 49 . F; 50 . T

C. Đọc đoạn văn và điền từ vào chỗ trống.
(51). Britain
(52). right-handed
(53). hold
(54). do
(55). of
(56). conquered
(57). that
(58). In
(59). there
(60). However

A. Hoàn thành câu bằng dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.
61. completion
62. failure
63. destructive
64. application
65. properly
66. risky
67. possession
68. replacement
69. sociable
70. illness

B. Xác định lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng.
71. Unless -> If
76. one job -> a job
73. some money -> any money
74. provided -> supposing
75. As long as -> Provied that

C. Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi.
76. It has been raining since four o’clock.
77. I wish I had a washing machine at home.
78. They wish their had played well..
79. He wanted to know how much I thought it would cost.
60. The books are arranged on the shelf. 

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